Friday, March 16, 2018

Successful conclusion of the February 2018 session of the medical Spanish course

With a representation of seniors medical students from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, King's College London and The Ohio State University College of Medicine we held a successful session of the course in February 2018. In addition to increasing their skills to conduct a medical interview in Spanish and study relevant aspects of tropical medicine, students had the opportunity to learn about general and particular aspects of Costa Rican health system. 
Christopher Whitaker & Matthew Peacock - KCL/UK and Zachary Denham & Rishav Aggarwal - OSU/US and Ricardo Muñoz MD/IHCAI/CR Instructor and Pooja Modi & Oby Ibe & Amanda Herrmann & Julia Burd  - Rutgers/US

The picture that we publish corresponds to the trip to the city of Palmares, in the western limit of the Central Valley, in front of the Church of that picturesque city, one of the most representative of the area. There we visited an EBAIS of CCSS, which is the first line in the provision of services of the medical and preventive care system of the country, both urban and rural. We thank the students who participated for their enthusiasm and effort, as well as the IHCAI staff who actively participated in the success of this session of the P010A program.
The students on the Tortuguero canals do kayaking in their free time!
Zach Denham (OSU) - Rashmi Rishav (OSU) - Julia Burd (Rutgers) and Kristan Scott (HMS). Thank you Zach for the picture!

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